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Who we are

Lime Group Australia supplies and distributes Hydrated Lime in Australia. With headquarters based in Melbourne, we offer our customers a high quality product and a flexibility to meet their requirements.

Our parent company, Anshan Dubang Minerals Ltd, is located in Northern China and it has a long and proud history of 25 years in lime producing. The company has activities in mining production, crushing processing, raw material storage, limestone processing, product testing and transportation. In china, our quarry covers 100 acres of land with the capacity to produce thousands of tonne of Hydrated Lime per year.

Recently, the company announced a huge investment of USD$20 million in the construction of several high efficient shaft kilns. A lime kiln is used to produce quicklime through the calcination of limestone. In total, Lime Group Australia has 18 kilns.

Our high production capacity and guaranteed high percentage of calcium content, can only benefit our customers with the best price and the highest quality product.

The people of Lime Group Australia are passionate, dedicated and driven to exceed your expectation. Customer service is a number one priority.

For enquiries call us on +61 3 8360 8666 or simply fill the form below.