Hydrated Lime


Hydrated Lime manufactured to meet the highest standards of quality

Hydrated lime, known as Calcium Hydroxide [Ca(OH)2], is produced by reacting Quicklime with sufficient water to form a dry white powder. It is a fine white powder which is completely odourless. Hydrated lime is used in various forms in a large number of industries. Applications such as neutralising agent in water and sewage treatment, flue gas desulphurisation, stock feed and leather tanning, a binder in mortars and renders, soil stabilisation and maintaining alkaline conditions for mineral processing. It can be used in flame retardants, PH modifier and as a purifying agent in rubber, plastics & ceramics, glass, effluent treatments. It is also widely used in the paper industry.

A suspension of fine calcium hydroxide particles in water is called milk of lime. This is used in the same applications as hydrated lime and is ready to use and easy handle. This range of products is manufactured in accordance with national quality standards and norms.


Hydrated lime is available in 20 Kg bag and 1 ton bulk bag.

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